Singapore to Zero (Part 4: Roadmap)

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In this final Part 4, I present my case for why the hydrogen-plus value chain is going to be key to getting Singapore to Zero, while enhancing energy supply and enabling new growth opportunities. Hydrogen-plus…

Singapore to Zero (Part 3: Framework)

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Transitioning Singapore’s energy system isn’t going to be simply a flick of a switch. While we can all agree solar and wind power will play a major role in our sustainable energy future, it is…

Singapore to Zero (Part 2: Context)

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Before we examine the challenges and opportunities for Singapore, it is worth understanding what Singapore’s energy system is like today. In Part 2, I provide a high level overview of Singapore’s energy system which is…

Singapore to Zero (Part 1: Introduction)

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A major global trend, Energy Transition, is now underway. 2020 marks a historic milestone for the world when countries representing >70% of the world’s GDP got round to committing to net zero targets by 2050-2060….
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