About Me

Hi! I’m Hsien Xiong and I’ve been a sustainable energy enthusiast for over 20 years.
With my engineering background and 13-year career across investments, corporate & project finance, and project development, my focus is on developing cross-border energy value chains that are technologically and commercially scalable, cost-competitive and addresses global GHG emissions.
I believe success in the energy transition requires a balanced appreciation for technology, economic, political, people and capital markets. My training and experience has provided me that broad exposure and I hope to provide a valuable perspective on the global discourse on energy transition.
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About GET to Zero

There is greater overall awareness for decarbonizing our energy system now. But what can countries do? What can companies do? What can we do? And how do young people get involved in the energy transition that is more relevant to their future?
This blog, GET to Zero is my way of putting my ideas to the world to try to answer these very questions across a variety of topics, including technology, economic feasibility, policy, and because I’m a Singaporean, specific topics on Singapore.
I may not have all the answers, but that is also the purpose of this blog – to initiate a discussion and work out the best path forward.
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