About GET to Zero

GET stands for Global Energy Transition.

2050 is the target by which much of the world aims to reach net-zero, or close to it.

GET20 portion of the name also has the double meaning of Get To Zero (Get – 2 – 0).

So the domain name, GET2050.com effectively encapsulates (i) the goal (Get to Zero), (ii) the process (Global Energy Transition) and (iii) the timeframe (by 2050). For simplicity however, I thought the blog would be simply called GET to Zero.

In GET to Zero, I will be discussing topics ranging from technology, technical concepts, economic feasibility of different options we have, light touch on policy, and what I think is our best path towards net-zero.

Because I’m a Singaporean, some of the discussion will also have a Singapore perspective.

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As much as possible, the discussions will adhere to the following two principles:

  • First-principles basis: Discussions should appeal to a broader audience. We need everyone on board
  • Actionable & practical: Discussions should lead to what we can do, not just what we can project and hope to achieve at some point in the future

Target Audience

  • Technology options
  • Value chain options

  • Strategic opportunities
  • Growth opportunities
  • ESG Investment options
  • Zero-carbon + ROI
  • General knowledge
  • Career opportunities


There is no question that there is greater global awareness of the urgency of decarbonizing energy. The next step is to do something about it. I hope this blog helps to elevate awareness to actionable steps. That requires a broad appreciation for multiple aspects of a complicated global energy system.

The energy value chain is also the lifeblood of the global economy. The energy transition should also be an opportunity for all people in all countries, developed, developing and frontier economies to be able to participate and not be left behind. This means solutions must be affordable not just for the rich but also for the lower-income. Fair equity to ensure sufficient energy for all is critical for maintaining orderly global economic growth. Sustainable energy has the potential to deliver that. There is ample renewable energy resources available from the natural environment. We need to get there, but more importantly, we must know how to get there.

In a world connected by the internet, ideas can be delivered around the world. I’ve been sharing and discussing such issues only within my immediate circles, and a few recommended that I put my ideas out on the many social platforms. However, I for one, have never been an avid user of social media. In my opinion, social media is good to get short trending messages out. But after awhile they get overtaken by the next fad and forgotten. The energy transition is going to be a long-term game for humanity, and in that regard, it is a more evergreen topic and I thought a blog would be a great platform to consolidate everything on a dedicated platform.

I am also considering to pair this blog with a youtube channel dedicated to the same topic down the road. But setting up this blog and populating it with discussion topics that I plan to publish will be the priority.

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