Humanity is on the verge of a major revolution…


is the lifeblood of the global economy

Power & Heat

Convenient Fossil Fuels

For over 2 centuries, we have relied on CHEAP, ABUNDANT fossil fuels that have provided us with ENERGY ON DEMAND

CO2 Emissions

However, our use of fossil fuels globally now emits over 35 gigatons of carbon dioxide each year which, if unmitigated, puts us on a path of irreversible climate change


“To Zero To Zero”

There is hope! 2020 marks a fundamental turning point in the collective will of humanity to work towards a more sustainable energy future

Navigating the course

With a myriad of technology options and competing interests, charting the path to overhaul the global energy system will not be easy.
We have the collective will.
Now we need the tools to take action if we are to GET to Zero by 2050.

Why 2050?

  • >70% of Global GDP is targeting Net Zero by 2050
  • 25-30 years is a good timeframe to depreciate existing infrastructure and to allow progressive investment and build out of new energy infrastructure
  • It is a midway point through the 21st century and a good checkpoint to evaluate our progress

Perfect is the enemy of good”

We will need forums to have robust discussions to distinguish practical actionable steps from ideological proposals that can set back progress.
Through this blog, I hope to make a contribution to these discussions on where we need to be, and more importantly how we get there.

This is the Global Energy Transition and it is now underway

Time to 2050:


– WONG Hsien Xiong (Singapore)
GET to Zero with Practical Solutions

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